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Swiss Valley Childminding is a family run childcare service, located in the friendly residential area of Swiss Valley, Llanelli, closely situated to our local primary school.

Here at Swiss Valley Childminding we aim to create an environment that is safe, happy, caring and stimulating for children up to twelve years of age. We are registered with the CIW to mind up to 10 children at any time; aiming to meet the needs of all children in a mainly English speaking environment whilst strongly promoting the Welsh language.

Swiss Valley Childminding will run Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm, which is flexible if prearranged. We also offer local pickup and drop offs and are available during school holidays.

Routines are established that will ensure children’s sleep, meals and snacks, and other needs are met. Play will be at the centre of the child’s learning and development and a wide range of adult/child led activities, ranging from drawing and painting to reading together, as well as free play, appropriate to the age and stage of development will be offered. We will also attend local childcare groups and many other local attractions in and around Llanelli, further supporting your child’s development.

Swiss Valley Childminding operates using the entire ground floor which consists of a play room, eating room (also used for arts & crafts), a baby room and a television/quiet room, bathroom & kitchen. There is also a spacious back garden that will also be used; allowing the children to enjoy and explore the natural environment.

Good health and nutrition is important to us at Swiss Valley Childminding. The service will provide wholesome breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and will have water/juice/milk on offer at all times. These will be locally sourced and fair trade where available.

The service aims to care for all children with equal concern, welcoming children with special requirements. Upon application, if your child has additional/special needs, we would discuss a care plan that is suitable for child, parent and staff. The service is open to all children and families regardless of their gender, racial origins, culture, religion or family background.

Activities & Outings

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